Kitchen Storage From Eaton Kitchen Designs

We know how important it is to have plenty of useful storage space in your kitchen, keeping your working areas clutter-free. Our clever storage systems will provide the perfect home for your foodstuffs, pots and pans and all those items you need to keep close to hand.

Milbourne Almond

Corner Storage

All our clever storage solutions bring the contents of the cupboard to you, so your items are easy to organise and access.

Avant Almond

Kitchen Larders

Larders are the perfect way to store non perishable foodstuffs, all easy to see and reach.

remo Alabaster


All our pull-out storage items make the best use of the space available.

Remo Alabaster Linear

Drawer Storage

There's no excuse for cluttered drawers with an extensive selection of drawer accessories and organisers to keep everyday items such as cutlery and utensils in order.

Remo White


The essential ingredient for a classic kitchen is a pantry. In many of the Eaton Kitchen Design ranges pantries can be designed to your individual requirements.

Remo White


Capacity and recycling are key when choosing the right waste solutions for your kitchen.

Remo Alabaster Linear

Other Storage Ideas

For all those items that often don't have an obvious home, we have a range of storage solutions.