Outline Collection

Our Outline Collection is a brand-new bespoke integrated handle offering, featuring four beautifully unique options available on an array of door styles, all aimed at ensuring you can truly create the kitchen of your dreams.

Porter Portal

Our best-selling contemporary Porter slab range takes on a whole new look and feel with the playful introduction of this Scandinavian inspired Portal handle.

Mornignton Shaker Edge

Offering a modern twist on this classic shaker, our beautifully crafted Edge handle has been subtly sculpted into the perimeter of the door, allowing for a design that is as attractive as it is functional.

Porter Edge

Appearing to be at one with the door style, Edge’s beautifully curved corners soften our best-selling Porter slab range, whilst adding depth and interest, creating an inviting and unified appearance.

Mornington Beaded Edge

The intricate beading detail and distinctive Edge handle blends both the modern and traditional aesthetic perfectly together in our Mornington Beaded Edge offering.

Porter Extended Channel

A natural evolution of the Channel integrated handle, Extended Channel’s bold, geometric shape creates a beautifully sleek, ultra-modern appearance that pairs exclusively with Porter, our most popular contemporary door.

Fitzroy Portal

Portal’s Scandinavian inspired design with a distinct round backplate brings a playful, retro twist to the classic Fitzroy shaker. Its timeless shape delivers the optimal grip, ensuring your handle choice is as functional as it is beautiful.

Hunton Edge

An unassuming one-piece design, Hunton Edge offers a contemporary take on a classic Shaker

Fitzroy Edge

Subtly sculpted into the perimeter of the door, Edge offers a refined and considered handle that is equally suited to modern or traditional homes.

Portal Channel

Exclusively available with our best-selling Porter slab door, the sophisticated shape of Channel features slightly rounded edges and a striking rectangular backplate, to create an ergonomic handle that reflects the modern nature of a contemporary design.